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As a part of the agreement on cooperation signed with University of Physical Education (AWF) in Kraków, we offer practice in Reha Krak Clinic to physiotherapy students. For more information, please call: 882 348 958.

The forest is a recommended resting place, specifically for people with and at risk of disabilities

Stay away from the big city noise and bustle, choosing the hum of the forest and the singing of birds instead – an environment that improves the mood, helping you to relax and unwind. We encourage you to watch the lecture of Dr. Szymon Pasiut given as a part of the „Forests for Life” program – Rehabilitation of Disabled People, Forest Study Tour.
– do not underestimate it
A drooping corner of the mouth on one side, numbness in one half of the body, double vision, difficulty swallowing food or slurred speech are all signs of a stroke. They are not to be taken lightly. “Think of the Brain” is a nationwide project for the prevention of cerebrovascular diseases conducted by a number of facilities, including the John Paul II Specialist Hospital in Kraków. Krzysztof Globisz, a renowned Polish actor, took honorary patronage over the initiative.
Mirror therapy

Learn about special methods in rehabilitation:
Mirror Therapy is one of the neurorehabilitation techniques used in the treatment of phantom pain, in which the correct cortical image of the limb can be reconstructed and the phantom sensation reduced by inducing the illusion of existence for the amputated limb, all using a mirror.

Parkinson’s disease is incurable, however
– its progress can be delayed for a long time

Resting tremor, muscle tension, slowed movements, and finally: problems with maintaining balance – Parkinson’s disease can manifest by all of these. The disease mostly strikes between the ages of 50 and 60, but one can develop it before the age of 40 or even in childhood,” says Dr. Magdalena Wójcik-Pędziwiatr from the Department of Neurology at John Paul II Specialist Hospital in Kraków, in an interview with RMF FM.

Sports Injuries
– Runner’s Knee

Each exercise should be repeated several times, at a pace and range that the Patient can perform without overcoming maximum effort. You should choose the exercises that are most beneficial to you, and when in doubt: consult a physical therapist.

Neuromuscular diseases: an expert answered your questions in a video chat

What conditions belong to neuromuscular diseases and what symptoms do they produce? When do you need to see a doctor? How can patients with the most serious of these diseases, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, be helped? Your questions were answered by Dr. Elżbieta Mirek from the Department of Neurology at the John Paul II Specialist Hospital in Kraków.


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